Garage Parking Spot for Rent

Tired of fighting for a parking spot in Cambridge, MA? Tired of fighting the "meter maids" and searching for quarters? Rent my great garage parking spot instead!

Entrance ramp. Note that low cars can "bottom out" at the foot of the ramp. The ramp is professionally cleaned in the winter, so that ice is not a problem.

General interior of the garage.

View of the space. There are three parking spots between the two yellow columns. The space for rent is the middle spot, number 29, in which the Honda CR-V is shown parked.

Another view of the spot, number 29. Nothing much to see, actually! There are faint yellow lines on the ground marking the spot, barely visible in the photograph.

Elevator access to the garage.


2353 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02140-1244

Contact me at or 617.365.7997 for more details or to view the parking spot.

Rujith de Silva
Created 2006-01-17; modified 2014-09-17.