Ski Info

Full trail maps for ski areas:

Ski areas that provide full trail-maps on their web-sites, as of the date given:

Many online ski area trail maps don't include all the info given on the paper trail maps. For example, the names of lifts are omitted, or inset maps of specific areas are missing. So here are scans of the actual paper trail maps. In addition, there are scans of other useful info, such as layouts of the ski area hotels or lodging.

I wish that the ski areas provided all this info on their own web-sites, so that I didn't have to do this.

If you have paper trail maps, hotel layouts, etc., for more ski areas, send scans of them to me, and I will upload them here, with attribution. Or even send me the physical maps, and I will scan them. Only maps in good condition, please! Not trail maps that were scrunched up in your jacket pocket through a hard day of skiing.

Rujith de Silva
Created 2018-04-29; edited 2020-02-08.