Rujith de Silva
Outline of Work at Nets, Inc.

I worked on many diverse projects at Industry.Net and Nets, Inc., often working on several projects in parallel. The following outlines my main efforts in roughly chronological order.

Initial Industry.Net Web-site (June - September 1994)
My boss and I, working as consultants to Industry.Net, designed and developed the initial Web-site for the company, and linked it to the company's dial-up online service.
Product Data (January - April 1996)
I designed the Oracle data structures for holding clients' product data and the associated search systems, and also the systems to verify and load the data.
Shopping System (January - May 1996)
I wrote the initial shopping system used by Industry.Net, based upon consultation with clients to establish their needs.
User-Behaviour Modeling (March 1996 - May 1997)
I designed the database structures to hold data on user-behaviour, wrote the code to populate the structures, and developed models of the behaviour.
High-Performance Logging System (July 1997)
I designed a light-weight, high-performance logging system based upon UDP packets and a multi-threaded buffering system using shared memory and semaphores.
Data Capture (September 1996 - January 1997)
I put together a system to evaluate the feasibility of scanning paper documents and automatically publishing them to a Web-site.
Company Finder (November 1996)
I developed a tool using Java, FastCGI and Oraperl to be used by temporary help to easily search the database of companies maintained by Industry.Net.
Templating System (February - May 1997)
I developed a general object model for handling heterogenous data and a templating system to display such data in diverse output formats.
Technology Licensing & Acquisition Marketplace (June 1996 - March 1997)
The TLA Marketplace was a NIST/MEP-funded project to provide a forum for secure, anonymous negotiations.

Rujith de Silva Work Experience
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