Perot Work Experience

I worked at Perot Systems from June 1997 to February 2001. My job titles included "Free Associate," "Senior Applications Specialist," and "Consulting Engineer" (all of them pretty meaningless).

Perot Systems is a consulting company, but I worked in a small sub-group called Time0, consisting of about 170 people, that attempted to create and market a reusable platform called MarketCAP for digital marketplaces. Perot Systems laid off the Time0 group in February 2000 as part of a cost-cutting initiative.

Here are some highlights of my career at Perot:

BillingZone Roadmap (July 2000 - December 2000)
I was the technical lead in a team of about four people creating an architectural roadmap for
SkyIron Performance (July 2000)
I performed a performance analysis of SkyIron (a sub-unit of Perot Systems / Time0) and made some recommendations that dramatically improved performance.
MarketCAP Lead Engineer (April 1998 - April 2000)
I gave technical direction to a team of about 15 people, scattered over several locations, in creating the Time0 core platform for digital marketplaces.
Two-Tier Document Assembly and Rendering with SGML (January - May 1998)
I designed and developed a document assembly and rendering system based on SGML (the precursor to XML). It could display the same information in multiple output media.

Rujith de Silva
Created 2001-02-05; modified 2001-03-09