MarketCAP was Time0's offering as a core platform on which digital marketplaces could be built. It encompassed low-level services such as logging and thread-management, business logic in EJB beans, and Web services such as login.

The MarketCAP team consisted of about 15 people, scattered over several locations. I was part of this team from January 1998 - April 2000, serving as its Lead Engineer from April 1998 onwards.

I continued to make individual technical contributions to MarketCAP (see work at Perot), but, as Lead Engineer, my focus was very different:

The two years as Lead Engineer on the project was instrumental in sharpening my skills for reducing issues to their essentials, crisply communicating these essentials, and obtaining consensus.

MarketCAP (and its predecessors) was used in several client projects.

Rujith de Silva
Created 2001-02-05; modified 2001-02-05